Do I need to do anything ahead of time to prepare for my appointment?

Prior to your appointment, please fill out the Medical History and Patient Contact Information forms and review our Appointments page. You do not need to fast unless you have been specifically instructed to do so by you medical providers, or if it is likely you will have emergency surgery that day for a condition like appendicitis.

What should I bring to my appointment?

Click here for a list of what to bring to your appointment. If you have had any tests or procedures pertaining to the condition we are seeing you for, please discuss this with our appointment secretary when you make your appointment.

Will I have my biopsy or procedure performed on the same day as my office appointment?

Your initial office appointment is for a consultation with your surgeon. At that visit, your surgeon will make recommendations for biopsies or other procedures if needed. In some cases, a biopsy or procedure may be done at the time of that visit. In other cases, an office surgery will be scheduled for a later date. There are many kinds of procedures that we perform here in the office. Other procedures must be performed at a hospital or day surgery center on a different day.

Do I need to bring in X-ray films?

Please ask our appointment secretary if you need to bring in X-ray films.

How do I know if I need to go to the emergency room should my symptoms worsen before my new patient appointment?

Call your primary care or referring physician to determine what symptoms would indicate the need to go to the emergency room. If you are unsure or think you may have a condition requiring emergency attention, you should proceed to the emergency room, or call 911 if necessary. If you need surgery immediately and you are at Seton Medical Center at 1201 West 38th St, the emergency room staff can request our group to be called.

Is it okay to wait that long for my appointment?

If for whatever reason you are not satisfied with your appointment date, please call our office again and ask to be put on a waiting list for any cancellations for the surgeon you want to see. We will make every effort to get you in to see your surgeon as quickly as possible. Also your referring doctor or doctor’s office is welcome to call our office with any concerns regarding wait time for your appointment.

Am I going to need to pay anything at the time of the visit?

Payments are due at the time the services are rendered. Surgeries may require prepayment of amount due to for the surgeon’s fees.


At which facility will my surgery be performed?

Our surgeons work in several Hospitals and Surgery Centers in Austin. The specific facility for your surgery will be determined at the time of your appointment.

How soon after my appointment will I have my surgery?

Typically, your surgery will be scheduled anywhere from the next day up to approximately 2 weeks after your appointment, depending upon medical priority and scheduling availability. The hospital’s availability as well as any assistant surgeon’s schedules all must be coordinated in order to choose the date that best accommodates your needs. You can assist in this process by knowing in advance dates that you are not available for your surgery and communicating these dates to your surgeon’s medical assistant so that she can avoid these dates.

How experienced are your surgeons?

Each of our surgeons performs hundreds of surgeries every year. As specialist in the field know as “General Surgery” we are experts at caring for a variety of conditions, some very simple and straightforward and some very complex. When needed, two of our surgeons may work together on a particular surgery, assisting each other. Please explore our website to learn more about the conditions we treat.


Do you have any other office locations?

We have one convenient location in Central Austin at 3901 Medical Parkway, Austin, Texas, 78756. Our office is close in proximity to the hospitals we operate at in order to better serve you. We are available for emergencies 24 hours a day.