On-Q PainBuster

Post-surgical Pain Relief. Right ON-Q.

If you’re like most people facing surgery, you’re probably concerned about the pain afterwards. In fact, many people put off having an operation because they’re worried about a long and uncomfortable recovery. Now, there’s a better option to get you back on your feet faster after surgery. It’s called ON-Q.

ON-Q is a post-surgical pain pump that delivers local anesthetic (pain numbing medicine) right to a targeted area. Using ON-Q can help reduce your need for narcotics, which can have undesirable side-effects and slow your recovery. With ON-Q, patients ambulate faster, breathe more deeply, and return to normal daily life quicker. And since ON-Q is non-narcotic, you feel better faster.

Over two million patients have use ON-Q PainBuster, including those who are having the following procedures:

ON-Q SilverSoaker catheters provide an even distribution of medication to the surgical area. The silver coating helps destroy bacteria that can cause infections.

ON-Q is a balloon that is filled with numbing medicine that automatically and continuously delivers targeted pain relief, only where it’s needed.

How does the ON-Q PainBuster Work?

The ON-Q PainBuster is a portable pain relief delivery system that uses a small, balloon-line pump and a catheter (a small tube). During your surgery, your surgeon will put the catheter in the place at or near the surgical site.

In the days immediately following your surgery, a small amount of local non-narcotic anesthetic (pain numbing medication) in continuously and automatically delivered though the catheter. This non-narcotic medication goes directly to where it’s needed most-helping you feel better fasting, without the unwanted side-effects of narcotics.

Once the pump is empty of medication, the catheter can be easily removed and the pump can be thrown away.

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